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Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd (SSPL) a pharmaceutical company, part of 50+ year-old, V-Group is currently exporting to 70 countries worldwide. It has received global FDA accreditation from several countries, including the USFDA, EDQM, and FDA from Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Australia, and Canada.
SSPL has ventured into global cutting-edge research in areas of polysaccharides, collaborating with Fraunhofer University in Germany since 2016 and the Ronzoni Institute of Research, a 100-year-old research university in Italy. SSPL is currently negotiating with MIT, USA, to make a global impact in areas of biotechnology for disease areas where there are currently no medicines available.

SSPL’s journey reflects its DNA and pedigree as a truly global, path-breaking research-oriented company. Its vision is to take science to market, and it has established resilience in complex, long-drawn research areas by enduring a 20-year journey to bring its products to suffering patients. The company’s mission is to continue bringing new health solutions to patients suffering worldwide from diseases that currently have no solutions available.
Overall, SSPL’s impressive record of research, global FDA accreditations, and collaborations with leading universities worldwide demonstrate its commitment to bringing innovative solutions to complex global health challenges.

Women health and Rare Neglected Disease:

We have attained global path-breaking niche success in areas of rare and neglected disease concerned with women bladder health.
Rare and neglected diseases are diseases that primarily affect people in low- and middle-income countries and are often overlooked by the global health community. Neglected diseases are characterized by a lack of research and development funding, limited access to affordable treatments, and inadequate healthcare infrastructure.
Women bladder disease (Interstitial cystitis (IC) /Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)), also known as painful bladder syndrome, is a chronic condition that causes bladder pain and discomfort. It is more common in women than men, and the exact cause is unknown. Researchers believe it may be related to an issue with the protective lining of the bladder, while others believe it may be related to an autoimmune response or nerve-related issues.
While there is no cure for interstitial cystitis, with appropriate management and care, most people with the condition are able to reduce their symptoms and lead fulfilling lives.https://www.traditionrolex.com/9

Supply Chain Diversification:

Our company has been a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry for over 50+ years, with expertise in polysaccharide chemistry for over 20 years. Our extensive experience in sustaining complex chemistry and research has fueled our vision to manufacture complex vitamins in India. To achieve this goal, we are seeking strategic partners in India to collaborate with us and diversify our supply chain beyond China.
This move will not only increase our resilience but also our competitiveness in the global marketplace. We are adopting the China Plus One (CPO) manufacturing strategy, which aims to diversify the production base beyond China. With this approach, we are confident that we can ensure a steady supply of essential lifesaving medicines and contribute to the growth of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.


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Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd has won the APTAR “Innovation of the year award – 2021“ on IDMA’s 60th Diamond Jubilee celebrations, India’s apex pharmaceutical body. This was the most important award of the event given away by the Health Minister SHRI Mansukh Mandaviya, whose whole emphasis was on Indian Innovation in Pharmaceuticals


We commit to bring new health solutions for debilitating diseases in areas of Orphan and Neglected disease by engaging and fully committing our sincerity and integrity towards building world class science in collaboration with the World’s best scientists, clinicians and companies with complete consciousness and awareness of our roles and responsibilities


We want to run the most efficient and environment compliant business so that we create a better world for the next generations who we are responsible for.
We want to deliver global science in areas of diseases where suffering patients do not have adequate solutions. We have the opportunity to make the lives of such people healthier and happier. Along with individual growth of knowledge and wealth of V-Group members, by empowering every member with responsibility and authority as well as engaging their commitment with the values defined in the DNA.



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